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Bio-Sanitizer Disinfecting Tablets
Bio-Sanitizer disinfecting tablets are specially formulated to provide safe, efficient and reliable disinfection of water or wastewater flows. Bio-Sanitizer tablets provide treatment plant operators a consistent way to meet disinfection standards without exceeding stringent limits for total residual chlorine. Registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection
Price: $85
Roto-Rooter® Drain and Grease Trap Treatment

Roto-Rooter® Drain and Grease Trap Treatment is a blend of selectively adapted spore-type bacteria that completely degrades—not just dissolves—grease, fats and other organic waste. Grease waste is converted into fatty acids that are then oxidized into nonpolluting carbon dioxide and water.

Price:  $129 (5 Gallon), $599 (30 Gallon)
Roto-Rooter® Sugar Residue Digestant

When used with a special time flow meter this product eliminates "sugar snakes"... those buildups in the drain lines of beverage stations dispensing soft drinks, soft serve ice cream or any sugar-laden product. Sugar Residue Digestant is non-toxic and NSF-approved, so it's safe for use around food areas. 

Price: $89
Roto-Rooter® Urinal Blocks

A safe and easy way to prevent drain problems, Roto-Rooter's urinal blocks eliminate calcium buildup inside drain lines and deodorize with citrus fragrance. The screen trap blocks debris from entering the drain line. Each four-ounce block lasts for approximately 500 flushes. 

Price: $59 (1 dozen)




  Commercial Drain Cleaning Products
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