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Roto-Rooter® Pipe Shield®
It's a fast, economical way to ensure free-flowing drains. Pipe Shield® prevents materials from building up in your drains and causing clogs. Pipe Shield's exclusive formula uses natural bacteria to breakdown deposits, so it's safe for the environment. When used as directed each month, buildup can be prevented for up to 30 days.
Price: $21 (Quart), $42.95 (Gallon)
Roto-Rooter® Root Destroyer

Control Root Growth in Drain Lines and Sewer Pipes!

Roots from trees and shrubs frequently find their way into drain lines and sewer pipes through extremely small cracks, holes or poorly sealed joints. These tiny root hairs—if not properly controlled—can continue to grow inside your lines, blocking water flow and even causing the pipes to break

Price: $23 (2 lbs)
Root X

Protect your sewer system

RootX is a non-systemic, patented chemical root control formula. It kills only the roots it comes in contact with and does not harm pipes, septic systems or the rest of the plant or tree outside of pipes. Annual RootX treatments keep your plumbing system root free and will help avoid costly sewer line and septic tank repairs.

Price: $56 (requires additional labor fee's)
Roto-Rooter® Septic Tank & Cesspool Treatment

Bacterial decomposition can be slowed or stopped in an overloaded or not properly maintained septic system, causing untreated liquid and solid wastes to overflow into the soil. Roto-Rooter® Septic Tank & Cesspool Treatment is a high-potency formula of cultured bacteria and selected enzymes formulated to break down greases, starches, proteins and other organic materials that can clog septic tanks, drain fields and cesspools. Our special formula, available in powder or liquid, contains no solvents, so it's environmentally-safe.

Price: $22 (Quart), $33 (12pk powder)




  Residential Drain Cleaning Products
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