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Roto Rooter - Tulsa, OK
Automated Drain Care Programs

To help solve commercial drain line blockage problems, Roto-Rooter offers a system for ongoing drain maintenance that combines high technology with the latest advances in environmentally friendly microbiology.

Using a micro-processor-controlled Time Flow Meter, Roto-Rooter® Drain and Grease Trap Treatment or Roto-Rooter® Sugar Residue Digestant is pumped into your drain lines on a preprogrammed schedule to maintain proper drain flow.

Roto-Rooter® Drain and Grease Trap Treatment
The unique bioenzymatic formulation of Roto-Rooter® Drain and Grease Trap Treatment contains a commercial grade blend of scientifically developed and selectively adapted spore-type microorganisms that literally "gobble up" organic waste materials and turn them into nonpolluting water and carbon dioxide. Roto-Rooter® Drain and Grease Trap Treatment is especially effective on long-chain fatty acids, the most common cause of commercial grease trap problems. It also eliminates foul odors, including hydrogen sulfide, the familiar "rotten-egg" smell, because the microorganisms consume odor-causing organic wastes.

At the same time, a biofilm of these safe but active microorganisms builds up on the inside walls of drain lines and grease traps. This biofilm works around the clock, consuming grease and organic wastes before they have a chance to accumulate and block the drain line.

The microorganisms in Roto-Rooter® Drain and Grease Trap Treatment are similar to those found in nature. They don't contribute to pollution. In fact, they actually aid municipal treatment plants by beginning the biodegradation process upstream. Roto-Rooter® Drain and Grease Trap Treatment complies with all EPA requirements and has received NSF approval for use in and around food processing areas.

Roto-Rooter® Sugar Residue Digestant
Fast food restaurants, hotel restaurants, pubs, convenience stores, ice cream parlors and grocery stores all have a common problem. It's known as "sugar snake," the result of carbohydrates (sugar) from soft drinks, ice cream and other sugar-laden products building up inside drain lines. This leads to clogged drains, costly emergency plumbing services and odor problems. It also can slow or close your business until a plumber deals with the problem. Regular use of Roto-Rooter® Sugar Residue Digestant (SRD) eliminates these problems.

SRD is:

  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive to humans and pipes
  • Fast-acting and provides residual preventive maintenance for problem drain lines
  • Used anywhere high sugar/carbohydrate food substrates are created or processed
  • Different from drain and grease trap treatment product

The Roto-Rooter® Time Flow Meter injects a precise amount of Roto-Rooter® Drain and Grease Trap Treatment or Roto-Rooter® Sugar Residue Digestant into drain lines to keep your lines flowing freely. The Time Flow Meter is totally automated and uses a battery backup system that maintains your preprogrammed schedule in the event of a power failure






  Automated Drain Care Programs
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