Faucet Repair in Tulsa, OK
Roto-Rooter of Oklahoma does everything from turning off the water supply to sealing gaskets and replacing fixtures. If you need a faucet repair in Tulsa, OK, schedule a service by calling 918-770-9899 today!
What You Need to Know About Faucet Repair in Tulsa, OK

People always say, “Don’t leave the water running.” Whether washing the dishes, taking a shower, or brushing your teeth, you usually turn off the stream to limit wasting water and paying higher utility bills. However, what happens if turning off the water isn’t really turning off the water? 

You may think a drip or leak is nothing to worry about but it’ll cause your sink faucet or shower head to lose hundreds to thousands of gallons of water weekly. A faucet repair in Tulsa, OK, conducted by our professional Roto-Rooter of Oklahoma team with over 80 years of experience, guarantees a fix in one visit.

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Common Fixture Concerns

In Tulsa, OK, the hardness of tap water has 8.2 grains per gallon, rendering it hard with magnesium and calcium. While it doesn’t pose a safety issue to residents, it creates a sediment buildup that erodes the plumbing fixtures. The O-Ring, made from silicone or rubber, is usually the first to dry out, crack, and break, causing the spout base to leak water, especially on a compression faucet.

Having a professional replace the O-Ring helps fix a leaky faucet, allowing the water to turn off completely. Unfortunately, this is just one of many concerns. 


A valve seat is a compression mechanism that stops water from running. If broken, it’ll allow water to trickle between the spout and faucet.

Reduced water pressure

Aerator clogs or cracks in the pipeline limit optimal water flow, but a faucet repair in Tulsa, OK, can fix that.

Unusual noises

Squealing or grinding when turning the knobs requires lubrication with plumber's grease. Otherwise, noises occurring while the water runs may indicate faulty pressure or a worn valve. An air chamber installation keeps water from abruptly stopping in the pipes, which prevents loud sounds after you shut off the water.

Why You Should Remedy Them

Let’s say you have a hefty drip leaking about 20 gallons of water daily. In Tulsa, OK, the meter fee averages every 1,000 gallons to cost $4.31. By the end of the month, you’ll notice additional costs on your utility bill; instead of calling to complain, contact your local plumbers! 

These drips lead to more significant damages, including corroded or busted pipes, water damage in your walls, ceiling, or floors, or a worn faucet cartridge and other broken parts. Rather than wait for repair prices to build, call for a faucet repair in Tulsa, OK. 

Trust 80 Years of Skill and Reputation 

Leaks are annoying, money-sucking plumbing problems that arise when you least expect them. While you may hope it’s an easy fix as you begin to take apart the fixture, we’re sure you don’t have as much experience as our 80+-year-old company. Our licensed, bonded, and trained professionals provide 24/7 services, including on holidays. 

Faucet Repair
Roto-Rooter of Oklahoma does everything from turning off the water supply to sealing gaskets and replacing fixtures. If you need a faucet repair in Tulsa, OK, schedule a service by calling 918-770-9899 today!

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World-Class customer support

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Always Affordable

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