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It’s normal to have concerns about your sewer pipes and lines, especially if you’ve noticed recent plumbing problems. Factors like tree roots, heavy flooding and natural wear and tear can block your sewer lines or cause them to be less effective. 

Traditionally, the only way to view potential damage or issues was by digging and dismantling your pipes. Today, however, Roto-Rooter of Oklahoma provides video inspection services. 

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How Does Our Camera Inspection Service Work?

Our Tulsa, OK, video camera inspection service utilizes a specialized camera that we attach to a fiber optic cable’s tip. One of our qualified technicians then inserts this camera into the pipe that’s causing you issues.

Our video cameras are waterproof and armed with strong lights, allowing them to record everything easily. These video cameras also feature radio transmitters, ensuring that we can pinpoint any location precisely. 

The sewer line video is automatically transmitted to our workers, allowing them to see your pipes’ conditions. From there, our licensed, insured, and bonded technicians can recommend the necessary repairs. 

Lastly, after administering repairs, our team will follow up to ensure that your pipes operate smoothly and clear any debris or clogs. Our cameras can travel up to 300 feet and provide high-resolution video feeds and images. 

Common Reasons Why Tulsa, OK, Residents Request Our Plumbing Video Service 

A video camera inspection in Tulsa, OK, has many benefits. Customers request this cost-effective service for these common reasons: 

Preventing the Recurrence of Clogged Drains

If any of the above DIY methods successfully removed the clog, you might not be free of the problem because clogs could have just been pushed further down the line. Try the following preventive measures to keep clogs away in the future.

Avoid letting cooking oils and fats go down your kitchen sink drain, as they can congeal and form tricky clogs. Clean your garbage disposal with a cup of baking soda, a cup of white vinegar, and a pot of boiling water down the drain.

Do not use harsh chemical cleaners that can corrode your pipes.

Taking the time now to get your drains cleaned will save you money in the long run and the hassle of fixing them or replacing them altogether.

Checking potential properties

No one wants to buy a property only to discover that it requires a lot of plumbing work. A sewer or drain inspection can quickly determine if purchasing a new property is worth it.

Recovering lost items

There's nothing worse than a sentimental or valuable item, such as a wedding ring, falling down the drain. While this item may seem lost forever, our video camera inspection can help you locate it.

Preparing your home for remodeling

When adding a bathroom or remodeling your laundry room or kitchen, it's essential to know whether your house can withstand these new additions. Our video camera inspection service can determine this.

Checking your septic systems

It's best to regularly check your septic systems for any needed repair or maintenance services. Doing so can resolve minor issues before they escalate into major headaches.

How Long Does a Typical Video Camera Inspection Take? 

How long your video camera inspection lasts depends on your sewer pipe’s total length and overall condition. For example, sewer pipes that are ten to 12 feet may only take 15 minutes to inspect. 

Longer pipes in poor conditions, however, will take longer. Conditions that take longer to inspect include partially collapsed sections and offset joints. 

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