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Signs You Need a Professional Faucet Repair in Muskogee, OK

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Your fixtures, from your kitchen sink to your bathroom shower head, have one job of providing water when you need it and restricting water flow fully when you don’t. However, depending on their condition, that’s not always the case. If they start producing unusual behavior, call for a faucet repair in Muskogee, OK. 

Our 80-year-old BBB-accredited business, Roto-Rooter of Oklahoma, comprises a five-star team of professionals that understand and solve all faucet concerns. We’ll elaborate on the most common repair signs and why to avoid DIY plumbing projects to repair a leaky faucet. 

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When Do You Need a Faucet Repair?

Faucets, pipes, and most other plumbing fixtures last about 20 or more years. However, anything from a faulty installation to hard water rusting and corroding your pipes cause parts to break down prematurely, demanding a faucet repair in Muskogee, OK.

Some concerns to look out for include the following:

Leaking spout or handle base

A leaking faucet occurs for numerous reasons, from hard water sediments corroding and weakening the material to worn-out seals. Usually, a replacement stem is necessary, so a professional will remove the handles on both the hot and cold water sides to inspect the stems underneath. They’ll then replace them and reapply the handles.

Dripping spouts

The metal or rubber washer on your sink spout creates an air-tight seal that prevents water penetration, only opening when you turn on the water. It sits over the valve seat, which helps create a water-tight combustion chamber. A professional must remove and replace the seat or washer if broken or worn to eradicate the drip.

Weird noises

Squealing or grinding when turning the handles may indicate you need plumber’s grease to lubricate the moving parts. High pressure or a worn valve also causes noises when the water is running, and a water hammer noise immediately after shutting off the water requires an air chamber installation.

Why Hire Professionals?

It’s not uncommon to have residents want to perform DIY plumbing projects rather than call for a professional faucet repair in Muskogee, OK. While that is an option, expert repairs eliminate the guesswork that would otherwise slow down the process and lead to incorrect steps. Trustworthy teams have decades of experience conducting repairs in steps unique to the fixture’s style, brand, and problem.

Moreover, the pros partner with top manufacturers, guaranteeing top-of-the-line, compatible equipment for the job and will ensure each part matches your faucet’s model type and number. They also have the tools and training that make each job effortless, topping all DIY faucet repair kits on the market

Your Five-Star Team
Our company, with over 80 years of experience, guides our team of licensed and insured plumbers, ensuring all of the above. We promise safety with our intricate background checks and National Safety Council stamp of approval. Our high-tech equipment and 24/7 availability assist with everything, from frozen pipes and water line repairs to leak detections and hydro-jetting

Faucet Repair in Muskogee, OK

Whether you have questions or are looking for a free quote, contact Roto-Rooter of Oklahoma. Call 918-921-4848. for a faucet repair in Muskogee, OK, today!

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