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Superior Hydro Excavation in Muskogee, OK
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When planning your next excavation job, use hydro excavation in Muskogee, OK,  for an easier, less destructive process. Traditional excavation consumes more resources like energy, time, and money. It also allows more room for errors and inaccuracies.

When you work with Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Service, our professionals use our hydro excavation trucks to quickly and accurately handle the process. You can save those invaluable resources for other essential parts of your development project. Additionally, hydro excavation’s versatility makes it applicable to commercial and residential projects

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The Advantages of Hydro Excavation

Unlike manual digging, this method doesn’t require hundreds of hours of manpower. By choosing hydro excavation, you’ll reap multiple benefits that ultimately make your project run more smoothly, such as the following:

Environmental Impact

Hydro excavation has less of an impact on our local environment. Traditional methods cause immense harm to local ecosystems, which threaten native plants and animals. By choosing hydro excavation, you’ll cause less damage to Muskogees’s natural habitats.

Fewer Safety Hazards

Most digging sites require heavy machinery. When sites are located near populated areas or traffic, the potential for injuries or fatalities increases. Hydro excavation only requires excavation trucks equipped with industrial vacuums, hoses, and a tank.


You won’t have to rent heavy equipment or pay thousands for labor. Instead, you get our crew of licensed technicians. They’ll quickly and efficiently complete the job.

Our Services for Hydro Excavation in Muskogee, OK

Different types of excavation require specific machines and equipment for each job. Because of hydro excavation’s versatility, you can use this method to perform numerous tasks. For example, our qualified team of experts can provide the following services for hydro excavation in Muskogee, OK.  

Slot Trenching

Slot trenching involves digging narrow trenches to install wires and pipes underground. Hydro excavation services make this process easy with pressurized water that accurately targets a specific area.

Digging in Cold Weather

Overseeing an excavation project during cold weather tests your patience and endurance. Fortunately, we use hot water to blast through the cold, hard ground, like a hot knife through butter.

Pothole Excavation

We perform pothole excavation by concentrating a stream of water on a single area of the ground, making utility investigation easier. Our process eliminates some of the risks associated with traditional pothole methods.

Removing Detritus

Whether your job involves utility installation or maintaining an existing utility, hydro excavation provides the perfect method to complete the job. Our hoses will push dirt, litter, and other debris out of the way. We’ll use our vacuum to suck the detritus into our truck tank, leaving a clean site for your team.

Conventional Excavation

HydroVacs are an efficient way to safely and neatly dig up any type of soil, even in frozen conditions! These high-tech machines use highly pressurized water with vacuum systems for optimal performance. They can also be used when there is limited access or difficult terrain like clay soils which makes them perfect no matter where you need your project done. 

Hydro vac excavation is the process of removing or moving soil with pressurized water. Before hydro excavation became popular, the industrial excavation world had to use regular excavators, which was an inefficient and inaccurate way of digging. With hydro-vac-excavation, you will have a non-destructive hydraulic excavating machine that uses a vacuum system coupled with pressurized water to dig precisely and make visual identification of existing underground utilities so they can easily be avoided.

Here at Roto-Rooter Oklahoma we have all the equipment needed to handle your excavation needs and any emergencies that come up.

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